The Librarian’s assistant has kidnapped a kindergarten class so they can hear a fetid fairytale called Kittycat Massacre, a yucky yarn about a troubled young girl and boy who run away from home and wind up in the house of a deranged woman who tortures and kills cats.

The assistant watches eagerly as the Librarian reads them this nauseating novella of loathsome literature. Oh, how he hopes it is a fable so foul that none can listen without losing their lunch, because the Librarian has also kidnapped their teacher and put her in a guillotine. If just one child can listen without puking, their teacher will be spared. But if every single one vomits, he gets to drop the blade and off comes their teacher’s head!

Can you read this book without throwing up?

Do you take the challenge?

“I will warn you that the name of the series is only half in jest. This book really could make you vomit. It certainly makes me uncomfortable.”

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If you somehow missed book one check it out below…

His girlfriend Emily has been kidnapped by a ghoul called the Librarian and hung upside down above a pit of bubbling lava. In order to win Emily back he must read a book from the Librarian’s collection, without vomiting.

This might sound like an easy task, but the Librarian doesn’t curate just any ordinary books. Each and every terrible tome in her bibliotheca of bile is so disgusting that nobody can read one without doing a Technicolor burp.

The book he must read is a repugnant little horror story about the revolting sex lives of failed Hollywood actors and actresses called She Was Asking for It. It’s a real page turner. It’s a stomach turner too!!!

He’d better have a strong stomach, because if even a single drop of bile escapes from between his lips while reading, his girlfriend will fall into the pit of lava beneath her and be burnt to a cinder.

Can you read this book without throwing up?

Do you take the challenge?

“This book is a brutal and satirical look at Hollywood. While I did not vomit while reading it, it was quite disturbing. But, I could not look away. J. Manfred Weichsel has a real talent for emphasizing the horrid events that occur by writing about them dispassionately. Several times I would read a passage and do a double-take, in shock what what I just read. But, this is not a book that just shocks the reader just for the sake of shocking the reader. There is a method to the madness herein. The darkness and evil in our society is reflected back at the reader.”

“She Was Asking For It: Tales to Make You Vomit #1 by J. Manfred Weichsel is one of the most horrifying things I’ve read. The title and cover are absolute truth in advertising. This book is disgusting, revolting, and perverse. Let the reader beware.”

“While it isn’t the normal horror I usually read I have to say I did really enjoy the gritty horror reflected in this book. It’s not just gross to be gross there is a method to the writing. If you have a weak continence don’t read it but if you love horror like I do definitely read it.”

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About Author J. Manfred Weichsel

Weichsel is a teller of tall tales filled with exciting action, skin-crawling horror, and subversive humor. He is the 21st century inheritor of the mantle of Lucian, Rabelais, Jonathan Swift, and Lawrence Stern, only much more exciting!

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