VIPCO Acquire BAD MOON RISING Starring Dani Thompson for Worldwide Release

Cult label VIPCO have announced that they have acquired BAD MOON RISING for worldwide release.

BAD MOON RISING is a Blood, Sweat & Glitter Productions, Directed by Alasdair Mackay.

Starring Dani Thompson, Honey Holmes, Loren Peta, Maria Lee Metheringham, Billy Chainsaw and David Curtis.


Scream Team is a successful structured reality TV show in which it’s three stars, Lucy, Jordan and Pip go ghost hunting in various supposedly haunted locations. Structured is the key word here though, the girls don’t really believe in the paranormal or supernatural, that is until they accept an invitation to investigate strange goings on in a small Bulgarian village.

VIPCO will release BAD MOON RISING on DVD, BD-R (BD-R exclusive to the VIPCO website) with a release date scheduled for January 2022.

They have already got the film up for pre-order (first 100 orders come with a free A3 poster non-signed) on their website along with 100 limited BAD MOON RISING A3 posters SIGNED by Dani Thompson.

Note: Order BAD MOON RISING and DEVIL IN THE WOODS on DVD get £4 off. Use code VAMP at checkout. Valid from 15th March 2021 till 1st May 2021

BAD MOON RISING is available to pre-order now from the VIPCO store with shipping available worldwide.

You can keep up to date with all that is VIPCO by following them on social media:



While you wait for BAD MOON RISING to be released check out the title theme song by Dani Thompson (Written and Produced by Will Metheringham) in the video below. The album VAMP is available HERE:

You can keep up to date with all that is BAD MOON RISING by following them on social media:

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