Lloyd Kaufman


Beatrice Freire Campbell




Brett Anderson

Are all set to star in…

Noir Barbie Doll Art Film

They are The Wet Ones!

Your backseat upholstery will never be the same!

Wigwolf’s The Wet Ones is three interconnected stories.

1. The Wet Ones- The Toilet Woman and The Danish Creeper conspire to destroy Bunnula the vampire bunny and take away everything he loves. 

2. Kate Middleton’s Adventure- Kate Middleton and her talking car help save a town from corrupt bobcats while Kate has flashbacks to her past life with Bunnula the vampire bunny.

3. Titanic Sinclair Kills Everything- Katy Perry goes off the rails and becomes an alcoholic after Titanic Sinclair murders everyone she knows. She retreats into her alter ego Miami drug lord Trey Sanchez and exacts his/her revenge. 

The movie will feature fake news clips, and scenes from my old Bunnula TV YouTube series whenever a flashback happens.

This movie is going to be unlike anything the world has ever seen….that is if you help support it today! Please help make this film happen at:


There are plenty of great rewards in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-Get a Wet Ones t-shirt

-Get a DVD or VHS of the film

-Get Producer credit

-Receive a small role in the film (you will be portrayed by a paper doll of yourself).

Visit “The Wet Ones” on Indiegogo for…

-Updated information about the film

-More images

-Complete details on all the rewards

And don’t forget to subscribe to Wigwolf’s YouTube Channel!

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