“In Some Ways, Movie Night Reminded Me Of A Hitchcock Film…”

On their first date a couple watches a bootleg movie.


Natali Jones-RachelSkeeta Jenkins-Chris, Buddy LoveRiley CusackPayton Barkerand Paige Cullen

Written and directed by:

Matt Rosenblatt

“…the film is very well acted. Skeeta Jenkins and Natalie Jones deliver their lines with confidence and believability. The shining star of this film is Carson Baillie’s cinematography. The way the camera pans and holds on certain things really sets up an atmosphere of suspense and foreboding terror. In some ways, Movie Night reminded me of a Hitchcock film, which is obviously exceedingly high praise.

“Great night to watch this, great film!”

Yes it is the perfect time to watch this film…like right now…

More Information:

Official Selection, Award Nominee, and Award Winner at festivals including…

WINNER (Audience Award) – Austin Spotlight Film Festival
WINNER (Best Twist) – Austin Spotlight Film Festival
WINNER (Audience Award) – Austin Under the Stars Festival
WINNER (Best Horror) – Austin Under the Stars Festival
WINNER (Director’s Choice) – Ethereal Horror Fest
WINNER (Best Horror) – Super Indie Los Angeles Film Festival

NOMINEE (Best Horror) – Austin Spotlight Film Festival
NOMINEE (Best Horror) – Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase
NOMINEE (Best use of Gore/Blood) – Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase
NOMINEE (Jury Award) – Salem Horror Fest
NOMINEE (Best Horror) – Austin Under the Stars Fest
NOMINEE (Best Horror) – Ethereal Horror Fest
FINALIST – Flickfair
SEMIFINALIST – South East Regional Film

OFFICIAL SELECTION – PressPlay Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Lone Star Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Ethereal Horror Fest

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