BLOODTHIRSTY – In Select Theaters and On Demand on April 23




In Select Theaters and On Demand on April 23

Director: Amelia Moses

Co-Writers: Wendy Hill-Tout and Lowell

Featuring Original Music By: Lowell

Producers: Wendy Hill-Tout, Michael Peterson

Executive Producers: David Bond, Alan Bachus

Cast: Lauren Beatty, Greg Bryk, Katharine King So, Judith Buchan, Michael Ironside

Run Time: 85 minutes

Rating: Not Rated

Release Date: In Select Theaters and On Demand April 23, 2021

Synopsis: Grey, an indie singer, whose first album was a smash hit, gets an invitation to work with notorious music producer Vaughn Daniels at his remote studio in the woods. Together with her girlfriend/lover Charlie, they arrive at his mansion, and the work begins. But Grey is having visions that she is a wolf, and as her work with the emotionally demanding Vaughn deepens, the vegan singer begins to hunger for meat and the hunt. As Grey starts to transform into a werewolf, she begins to find out who she really is, and begins to discover the family she never knew. What will it take to become a great artist and at what cost to her humanity?


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