Danse Macabre Invites You to Die Hard in “Central Park”

DANSE MACABRE is pleased to announce the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand release of urban slasher CENTRAL PARK starring Grace Van Patten (Under The Silver Lake), Ruby Modine (Satanic Panic), Deema Aitken (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Justin A Davis (FBI).

In this contemporary spin on the slasher genre, a group of New York teens arrange a party in Central Park where a masked executioner prepares to kill them one by one. Is the maniac the mythical wolfman rumoured to live in the park or is he a victim of corporate greed hell bent on revenge.

“An effectively harrowing and deeply 

disturbing slasher thrill ride” 

– Bitches Of Horror

April 26th is the UK and Ireland release date where CENTRAL PARK will be available to buy on DVD from Asda, Amazon, HMV and to stream from Sky Store, Amazon Prime, i-Tunes and Google Play.

May 5th is the Australia and New Zealand release date where the film will be available to stream from Fetch, Amazon Prime, i-Tunes and Google Play.

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