Samuel Goldwyn Films has Acquired World-Wide Rights to the Family Sci-Fi Adventure Film “Let Us In”

Samuel Goldwyn Films announced today that the company has acquired world-wide rights (ex Canada) of the family sci-fi film by director Craig Moss LET US IN. The film stars Makenzie Moss (TV’s The Unicorn), O’Neill Monahan (TV’s The Middle), Sadie Stanley (THE SLEEPOVER), Eric Callero (DEADLY DAUGHTER SWITCH), Mackenzie Ziegler (TV’s Total Eclipse), and Tobin Bell (SAW).

A spirited twelve-year-old girl and her best friend start investigating the sudden disappearances of several missing teens in their small town. Realizing there might be something deeper happening, Emily and Christopher might be up against forces they can’t even imagine.

“JW and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Samuel Goldwyn Films.  I have a history with this company and know we’re in good hands when it comes to releasing our film,” says Craig Moss.

“I watched this movie with my kids, and we all loved it. It’s so rare to be able to find a film that my entire family can watch together. It’s a film that reminds me of the great movies I grew up on like “Goonies”,” says Peter Goldwyn.

LET US IN was produced, co-written and directed by Craig Moss along with co-writer and executive producer JW Callero and their Just Wanna Make Movies banner.   

The deal was negotiated by Peter Goldwyn on behalf of Samuel Goldwyn Films and Craig Moss on behalf of the filmmakers.

About Samuel Goldwyn Films

Samuel Goldwyn Films is a major, independently owned and operated motion-picture company that develops, produces and distributes innovative feature films. The company is distributing the 93rd  Academy Award® winning film ANOTHER ROUND and 93rd  Academy Award® nominated film THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN.

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