Cult of Dracula Sells Out Again At Distributor Level

Back to Back: Cult of Dracula #2 Sold Out at Diamond!

Indie-Horror sensation Cult of Dracula has reached a new milestone. Issue #2 has sold out at the distributor level! It’s an exciting achievement for the new horror series from Source Point Press.

“Word started to trickle out early today that inventory levels were low at Diamond. It was a full on avalanche by the end of day.” said writer/creator Rich Davis. “The issue may have actually sold out sooner than reported”. Davis says he’s been fielding inquiries from retailers who are trying to find extra copies for their shelves. Some retailers who finalized their orders late have said that their re-orders were canceled or not fulfilled by Diamond.

Davis is asking retailers who may have extra copies of Cult of Dracula #2 to post on the comic’s official Facebook page so that he can help connect interested readers with shops with inventory to sell.

Cult of Dracula #2 is a key issue in the series. It features the first appearances of three major characters (Akasha, Signe and Akumu aka the Brides of Dracula) who will play an important role in the story moving forward and the future film adaptation currently under development with Sure Pictures.

Cult of Dracula #3, #4 & #5 are currently available for order through Diamond Comics Previews.

For continuing news on Cult of Dracula and more from Source Point Press, stay tuned to and follow @sourcepointpress on Twitter.

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