Sunday Scares: “Hidden Daylight”

Take a journey through the hidden daylight in today’s Sunday Scares feature…

In this award-winning thriller, we follow a distraught businessman after his wife is abducted by the sadistic Hacksaw Killer. In desperation, the businessman turns to a blind psychic who can see through the killer’s eyes. As their strange meeting unfolds, the psychic envisions the night of the kidnapping and provides vital clues to help the businessman solve the mystery… but the answers he seeks may come at a deadly price. Taut, compelling, and full of Hitchcockian suspense, HIDDEN DAYLIGHT takes us on a harrowing journey into the darkest depths of the mind of a madman.

Starring: Adrienne Lovette, Ella Jane New, and Rica de Ocampo

Directed by: Adrienne Lovette

Written by: John Rice


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