Today’s DVD Releases!

Here are some of the horror DVD/Blu-Ray releases for May 11th!

Two strangers awaken in a room with no recollection of how they got there, and soon discover they’re pawns in a deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer.

Engulfed by anguish, trapped inside an allegory of torment and carnage, Jennifer’s soul seeks the path of awareness and enlightenment. Directed by Olaf Ittenbach. A harrowing journey into the pits of Hell where one woman’s journey for redemption in the afterlife is tested to the most extreme limits. Bonus features include: Photo Gallery, Interview with Timothy Balme (Dead Alive), Trailers from Unearthed Films, Making Of

Described as ”Mad Max meets Natural Born Killers”, SCAVENGER takes us to a post-apocalyptic world with its own rules where Tisha (Sofia Lanaro, Aluvión, Paraíso) – a paid assassin and an underground organ dealer with a dark past – will seek revenge from a horrible crime against her family that has marked her entire life.

After a harrowing accident, the perpetually down-on-his-luck Diego Martinez accepts a gig as a security guard at the local morgue. He thought he’d had a lucky break, but as the night wears on, eerie occurrences and the suddenly not-quite-lifeless body of the victim leave him to wonder: how much otherworldly rage does it take to wake the dead?

Successful columnist Femke is flooded every day by anonymous harassments and death threats on social media. She becomes addicted to the vicious messages, and finds herself continuously clicking back to the hateful comments before she goes to sleep. Not only is this affecting her motivation to write new articles, but she also needs to finish writing the novel she promised to deliver her publisher. One day, she snaps… the act of violence and revenge eases and inspires her – she writes like never before.

New York, an alternate present: the quantum computing revolution has begun and investors are lining their pockets in the quantum trading market. Building the network, though, requires miles of infrastructure to be laid between huge magnetic cubes by ‘cablers’ – unprotected gig workers who compete against robots to pull wires over rough terrain.

Queens delivery man Ray Tincelli (Dean Imperial) is skeptical of new technology, and the buy-in to start cabling is steep, but he struggles to support himself and his ailing younger brother, who suffers from a mysterious illness. So when Ray scores a shady permit, he believes their fortunes may have finally changed. What he doesn’t expect is to be pulled into a conspiracy involving hostile cablers, corporate greed, and the mysterious ‘Lapsis’ who may have previously owned his medallion. Called “a smart class-conscious sci-fi parable” by The Hollywood Reporter, Lapsis is a darkly comic and timely look at the gig economy and the failed utopian promises of big tech.

It’s star year 4045 AD. A period of relative calm exists between the Allies and their mortal enemies, the Archons – but that uneasy truce is shattered with the appearance of the fearsome Nazi-era laboratory project, the Megalodon! Having escaped a barren Planet Earth, the shark-man hybrid seeks revenge for the destruction of its natural habitat, and aims to slaughter any and all who get in its way! But, what the Allies don’t know is that due to a special DNA trait that can transmute the human race back into reptilian form – the meg is wanted by the Archons. With war suddenly re-ignited, the Allied leader Princess Kali, Van Helsing, and Bigfoot once again prepare to take on General Stalin, Aleister Crowley, and their leagues of bloodthirsty lizard soldiers. Enter Bigfoot vs. Megalodon!

Another popular SRS Retro Release! An eccentric collector of rare movies shot on Super-8 dies and his library is sold off. Film Fanatic Marty Weeks successfully bids on several reels of film and rushes home to watch them. The projector clatters to life and the light flickers on the screen as terror unspools in early short films made by the Polonia bros between 1983 and 1985, right before their switch to the new video format. Witness the celluloid horror of maniacal cults, scarecrow vengeance, and even an Aqua-Maniac! Watch as Death Reel unfolds and the fevered beginnings of the Polonia Bros gets you in its death grip!!!!!! Bonus features include: SRS Trailers, Director’s Commentary

An abandoned mill is the perfect location for sex, fun, and adventure for eight college kids. What they do not know is that they are about to enter a night of pure horror filled with snakes, wild dogs, tarantulas, and a pack of hungry rats. One by one their fate is sealed in this gore-soaked horror throwback.

The year is 4044. The battle between the blood-thirsty Illuminati forces and the human resistance, known as the Allies, rages on. As Dr. Jeckyl works to reverse the RX2 sociopathy gene found in illuminati DNA, Allies leader Princess Kali DiVine sends space rough neck Van Helsing and his rowdy associate Big Foot on a mission to escort Tickles The Clown back to headquarters. One of greatest psychopath the universe has ever known, Tickles The Clown — a.k.a. the Mauler Of Innocents — is the only one whose blood possesses the genetic code to reverse the RX2 gene. After being caught devouring the larvae offspring of the oviparous Gorgons, Tickles was captured and sent to the Underworld prison also known as The Gag & Tag camp. As Van Helsing prepares to deport Tickles, the cunning clown telepathically commands his guards to kill themselves by eating their own tongue and escapes. Hearing of Tickles escape, the cloned body of occultist Aleister Crawley mounts an attack of his own on the Allies, setting forth the playground for one of the bloodies battles yet. Hold your screams. In space no one can hear you laugh.

A group of scientists clash with an evil technocracy while a pair of students hunt for a disc that holds the secret to freeing the minds of the human race. Bonus features include: Scene Selection, Trailers

Shrouded by the mists of time, the demon Astaroth has been forgotten. But there is always someone there to remember… Gregório is a tattoo artist obsessed with Astaroth, who promises unearthly desire and pleasure. Using his arcane knowledge, he intends to resurrect her from the edge of oblivion and bring her into the earthly world of the flesh. He ropes two young women into his plans: the determined tattoo artist Dri and the sweet guitarist Lia. But their friend Mai resists and she focuses her martial arts training towards defending them and raging against the designs of Hell. A Brazilian independent horror film, Astaroth is a throwback movie to 80´s heavy metal horror, starring. Monica Mattos, the first Latin American actress to win the AVN Award for the Female Foreign Performer of the Year in 2008, and features songs by legendary British metal bands. Bonus features include: Women in Horror Trailer Reel, Music Video, Behind-the-Scenes Video

Little orphan Jennifer, her four friends, and her loyal puppy Jack get lost in the remains of an ancient city. The sight of a skeleton and the discovery of a code that is difficult to decipher are an omen of fantastic adventures among the tombs and chapels of a cemetery. But what the children discovered arouses the macabre interest of the ruthless Professor Kails, a man passionate about ancient history, who has long been in search of Darragh’s skeleton. Will the five friends manage to upset his evil plans and bring justice to the world? In Italian with English subtitles.

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