That Sound You Hear Upstairs… The Chill Running Up Your Spine… The Creature Coming Straight For You…

Welcome to FRIGHTLAND, a scary new middle-grade series inspired by the classic books we grew up on, featuring covers by artists like genre poster creator Flavio Greco Paglia and original 90’s Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus.

FRIGHTLAND books 1-4 are only the beginning. FRIGHTLAND is a planned 12-book anthology series. Each book is a self-contained novel, but the stories exist in a shared universe and there will be easter-eggs and details that tie everything together throughout. After the 12-book series run, the author has plans for a Frightland Literary Universe (FLLU) “Avengers Assembled” style 13th novel that brings the whole thing definitively together. 

#1 The Wildman of Shaggy Creek

Something lives in the woods behind Scott’s new house. It’s big, it’s hairy, and it smells worse than a dead skunk in the rain. When Scott accepts a dare to camp in the woods all night, Hailey is the only friend who will help him. But Scott doesn’t really believe in the creature lurking along Shaggy Creek—it’s just a story, right?

  • Cover Art by Tim Jacobus / Illustrations by David Romero
  • Approx. 120 pages

#2 Why I Don’t Sleep On Feather Beds

Gavin and his sister Torrie aren’t thrilled to be staying at Great Aunt Ethel’s farm. It’s in the middle of nowhere, Aunt Ethel is a little weird, and Gavin is forced to sleep on an old, lumpy feather bed.  Then Gavin discovers something worse: the lumps are moving. Torrie thinks he’s just crazy—there’s no way something’s alive inside the mattress—until the lumps begin to hatch…

  • Cover Art by Flavio Greco Paglia / Illustrations by Daniel Brown
  •  Approx. 125 pages

Written by:

R.H. Grimley


Tim Jacobus, Flavio Greco Paglia, David Romero, and Daniel Brown

Kids and grown-ups are raving about book #1…

“I really liked this book! There were lots of twists and turns, and every time I finished a chapter, I just wanted to keep reading. I burned midnight oil to finish this book. Two Thumbs up!” 

“I really enjoyed this book—I especially liked the suspenseful parts and how funny Scott is.”

“Loved this book! Fun story with just the right amount of creepy—I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to see what Grimly puts out next.”

“Not only did the novel evoke a sense of nostalgia, but it had a good deal of suspense to keep me—an adult reader—glued to the page.”

Grown-up or kid, fan of Goosebumps or Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark…make sure to get your copy and support the campaign at…

There are plenty of fantastic rewards available in return for your pledge to the campaign like…

-Get an ebook or paperback pack of books 1-4

-Get an author autographed copy of book #1

-Your name and likeness will appear as a minor character in one of the books

-Have one of the books dedicated to the person of your choice

Visit “Frightland” on Kickstarter to…

-Get a preview of books 1 & 2, and learn more about books 3 & 4

-Find out more about the author & artists

-Check out all of the available rewards & how to join the Frightland Fan Club

And please remember that if you can’t donate to the campaign you can still support it by sharing it on your social media accounts!

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