Night Flight Announces 40th Anniversary Special with The Residents

Night Flight Announces 40th Anniversary Special featuring an exclusive performance from The Residents

Available on the Night Flight Plus streaming app

Programming also includes Decline of Western Civilization marathon, John Cage Meets Sun Ra, label profiles of Sacred Bones and Mexican Summer and performances from Plack Blague and Def Rain

On June 5th, 2021, Night Flight will celebrate the 40 year anniversary of its premiere episode with an exclusive streaming event on the Night Flight Plus app ( Known for flying the weekend airwaves of the USA Network from 1981-1988 and being a cultural lifeline for millions of starving cable viewers, Night Flight has garnered a cult status that prevails today.

Night Flight has returned as a subscription streaming service featuring original episodes of the series, and hundreds of curated cult films, music docs, retro horror, and more hidden treasures. The streaming app now features two innovative 24/7 live channels, NFTV, which updates a programming schedule every Friday night and NFTVi, which is devoted to independent music videos.

The streaming event is available exclusively for Night Flight Plus members. Memberships are $4.99/month and $39.99/year. To celebrate, new members can save 25% on an annual membership with the code: NIGHTFLIGHT40. Sign up now and fly your own Rite of Passage!

Night Flight is proud to host cult pioneers The Residents for an exclusive performance of DUCK STAB! ALIVE!, a re-imagining of the group’s iconic 1970s album. Directed by celebrated video artist John Sanborn, DUCK STAB! ALIVE! will be a contemporary, “live-in-the-studio” interpretation of the band’s classic sound and serves as a as a prelude to The Residents’ 50th Anniversary tour beginning this August. The Residents have always been a beacon of the avant-garde and Night Flight is honored to have them back.

From Night Flight’s “Take Off’ to San Francisco Rock and The Residents (Air Date: 2/18/86)

Also featured in the anniversary episode: a marathon of Penelope Spheeris’s landmark documentary series covering LA’s music scene, The Decline of Western Civilization Parts 1,2, and 3, and Modern Harmonic’s reissue of the meeting of two experimental titans, John Cage Meets Sun Ra.

Night Flight will also be surveying independent record labels on its 40th Anniversary with brand new Video Profiles from Independent labels Mexican Summer and Sacred Bones, who will be joining the Independent label roster later this year that includes Sub Pop, Drag City, Dark Entries, Dais Records, and RVNG Intl.

In keeping the underground music mission embodied by Night Flight’s sister show New Wave Theatre, Night Flight will also feature exclusive commissioned performances from Plack Blague and Def Rain.

Stuart S. Shapiro, Night Flight’s Creator and CEO said: “40 years ago, USA Network gave us a test with just 2 hours of late-night airtime for a summer shot for three months. At that time, movie theaters around the country were filled with midnight screenings of Rock and Roll docs, but cable was a vast wasteland of reruns. It seemed obvious that there was cultural need to bring our special DNA of counterculture music and docs to fulfill the real dream of the cable universe. I believe that Night Flight Plus today, as its own streaming channel, is every bit as impactful, not only as a time machine of full frontal cutting edge nostalgia, but also packed full of the best curated cutting edge entertainment anywhere. Night Flight is for sure The Best Weed in Town!”

Night Flight Plus members will have access to the 40th Anniversary streaming event on the Night Flight app’s live 24/7 channel. It will begin at 9PM ET, June 5th, 2021.

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