Watch a Special Screening of “The Horrific Evil Monsters” Tonight!

The Horrific Evil Monsters are a secret government agency who recruits the most hazardous horror icons to battle a biblical force. A decade in the making, The Horrific Evil Monsters unites the world’s toughest beings – an unstoppable killer, an undead soldier, an extra-terrestrial being, and more, to prevent the end of the world.

Join a ONE DAY ONLY LIVE presentation for the FIRST public screening along side Director Adam Steigert and special guest appearances with a live Q/A!

– Go to on your laptop or desktop to download the free extension and create an account. The watch party will take place in Scener’s virtual movie theater, so you will need to download Scener to join. If you don’t wish to attend the LIVE screening, no problem you can still rent the movie for 24 hours ONLY starting at 7pm EST Saturday May 15th 2021. Stream HD or SD files and watch on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. But why not join in an become part of the experience? 

– The theater will open Saturday – 5.15.21 – at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Be sure to use the following link to screen the film AND be a part of the LIVE Q/A

– We will send you an e-mail notification before the event begins to remind you to join the party.

– Be sure to check your spam folder and mark it as “not spam” so you don’t miss your join e-mail the day of the event.

The Horrific Evil Monsters all-star cast led by Bishop Stevens (Empire, Chicago PD), Gregory Blair (Garden Party Massacre, Deadly Revisions), scream queens Kaylee Williams (Mrs. Claus, Teacher Shortage), and Jennie Russo (She Kills, FANG) as well as horror icon Jason John Beebe (Ombis: Alien Invasion, Crossbreed) with a special appearance by Dawna Lee Heising. The film is accentuated by practical special effects, unique costuming and ingenuity designed to awe its audience. The film score has been written and composed by award winning musician Ashsha Kin. Phill Beith, serves as special effects master, taught by the legendary Tom Savini School of Arts, who has trained the likes of The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero, and many others.

Once the production wrapped on principal photography, The Horrific Evil Monsters made a charitable donation of over more than a 2000 pieces of clothing, featured as set dressing in its entirety to two local homeless outreach programs, Friends of Night People and Hearts for the Homeless. The attire from shoes, t-shirts, pants, and various other clothing items and directly impacts those in need in Western New York.

A Director Statement

The Horrific Evil Monsters

The story of the Horrific Evil Monsters is spread out over multiple years. Originally a project that started in 2014 that ultimately was unable to be funded, the script was torn apart and spread out over several films. The name remained with no script attached. I wanted to find the way to tell the definitive series story by using that title for the premise of a feature film. The Horrific Evil Monsters… what could it mean? What ELSE could it be?

Scripted in 2017 and shot in 2018/2019 for a 2020 release the film faced several setbacks due to the COVID 19 Pandemic pushing the entire project back to 2021. You’ll know the story as something much different, but I will remember the film as spending time in a camper with my best friend, in the middle of the woods, spending the entire weekend under the influence and having the time of my youth writing. 

The attention to detail in every scene is what makes this concept work. Thank you for taking interest in our film and if you enjoyed this story be sure to check out its sister films, as this is a universe building series, A Grim Becoming, Gore, Ombis: Alien Invasion, and FANG streaming on all your favorite platforms.

Test yourself and watch The Horrific Evil Monsters from EVERY character’s point of view. I dare you

Stay Scared,

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