Puzzle Box Horror – Releases “Anna Byrne Issue #1” with Horror Hub Marketplace

Puzzle Box Horror releases new comic series Anna Byrne #1. Available for order now at Horror Hub Marketplace

Something is different about Anna. Something has always felt different but she never really knew why. Since almost drowning at the age of 7 Anna developed a macabre obsession with the supernatural. Anna is drawn to haunted locations that she cannot explain, until now. In the first issue of Anna Byrne we follow Anna to the haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse where she meets an unexpected companion, learns about her connection to the underworld and faces one of her worst nightmares.

Story by Chad Dahlstrom, Mary Farstrom and Illustrator Felipe Kroll. This is the first issue of an ongoing series based on the short horror stories “The Anna Byrne Chronicles” first published on the Puzzle Box Horror website. The beautiful and moody artwork brilliantly brings to life the story of Anna Byrne.

Puzzle Box Horror is a horror publisher that explores the supernatural side of horror. From urban legends such as the Ghost Ship Jenny to figuring out the difference between Thriller and Horror the publication covers all things related to the genre.

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