Interview with “Blackstock Boneyard” Actor Bryan McClure

“horror movies scare me”, admits actor Bryan McClure, star of the new Uncork’d Entertainment horror release BLACKSTOCK BONEYARD.

-PH: What part of the country do you call home?

-Bryan: I’m in Atlanta, GA.

-PH: And is that where you try and work, for the most part?

-Bryan: I try to work wherever they want to pay me to be ☺ But yes, it’s nice to be able to work from home as well. 

-PH: Was the goal always to get into the film biz or did you start out doing something else?

-Bryan: I actually wanted to be a professional basketball player when I was a boy, but I’ve always appreciated the arts. I did a lot of drawing and painting growing up too. When I got to college, I thought about being a pharmacist, but ultimately decided that I needed to be in the arts for a living. When I heard about graphic design, that’s what I ended up getting my degree in. Ultimately, I believe God called me to the acting industry. It was never something I planned, but through a number of events that I’ll have to write in my book some day, I ended up in the film business as an actor. But I find it rather fitting. I think that film and television are the greatest collaborative works of art because they have all the different artforms in them – writing, directing, acting, set design, art, music, dance, singing, and on and on. I love it!

-PH: Tell us about the incentive for doing this one?

 -Bryan: Well, simply put, I auditioned for it and they offered me to role. When that happens, it’s like, “Wait, you want to pay me to do what I love?! YES! I’LL DO IT! (internal monologue, “Be cool man. Be cool.”) So outload you say, “Yes, this sounds swell. I’ll accept this complex role.” ☺ Honestly though, playing Corey in this film was pretty fun. He’s such a little turd. It’s fun to play people that have some oddities instead of just a predictable nice guy. But again, I’ll accept that too, because “Wait, you want to pay me to do what I love?! YES! I’LL DO IT!”

-PH: They don’t make movies like these anymore do they?

-Bryan: Honestly, I don’t know that I’m the best person to answer this film. Horror movies scare me! Haha. I don’t watch them a lot. 

-PH: Did you sit down with the classics and rewatch them before the shoot?

 -Bryan: I don’t typically get my inspirations from other films. I try to use my own imagination as much as possible, though there are plenty of people you run across that are great studies. I just try to be truthful.

-PH: Has it been a door-opener? 

-Bryan: We’ll see what happens when the movie comes out. Hopefully it opens up some additional opportunities. At the very least, it established some great connections with a talented group of people that I’d love to work with again.

-PH: Being a horror site, we have to ask – what’s a horror film that audiences should check out, be it a forgotten gem or something new.

 -Bryan: Man, one of the coolest horror films that I remember watching was Cabin in the Woods. I did NOT expect any of that to happen! Also, I really liked The Descent. I’m not normally claustrophobic, but that film definitely made me feel that way. Also, The Ring was so creepy to me.

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