TERROR FILMS Summer Release Schedule


Announces Summer Release Schedule

Genre indie distributor, TERROR FILMS is preparing to give horror fans a fun-filled gore fest of new films this summer. Get ready to get your scream on with a killer cult in the dessert; not one but 2 movies about the hot fiery femaledemon, Lilith; a baby born by black magic; a horror anthology with something for everyone and a criminal who breaks into a house full of killers.

Here’s a glance at the upcoming releases:

ROAD HEAD (Digital Release Date 6/4)

Referred to as, “90 minutes of slapstick, gore, and the occasional heartfelt talk” by Film Threat, ROAD HEAD hits digital platforms Friday, June 4th.

Directed by David Del Rio and written by Justin Xavier, the film centers around three friends who take a road trip to the Mojave Desert, where their complicated relationships are pushed to their breaking point as the group encounters a reclusive, murderous cult.

Starring Elizabeth Grullon, Paul T. Taylor, Damien Joseph Quinn, Clayton Farris, Misty Violet, Sierra Santana and Clay Acker.

LILLITH (Digital Release Date 7/9)

Directed by Lee Esposito and written by Esposito and Luke Stannard, the film centers around a girl catching her long-term boyfriend cheating. Hell bent on revenge, she summons the succubus named Lillith, who embarks on a bloodthirsty, sex-fueled rampage.

Starring Langston Fishburne, Savannah Whitten, Chrissie Capobianco, Julia Arden Rock, Nell Kessler, Robin Carolyn Parent, and Taylor Turner.

BLOOD BORN (Digital Release Date 7/16)

Directed and written by Reed Shusterman, the film centers around a couple struggling with infertility who turn to a ritualistic organization that conceals the true cost of their “magical” procedure, leaving the soon-to-be parents fearful that their baby might not be entirely human.

Starring Rosie Moss, Antoine Perry, Melanie Haynes, Laurine Price, Leah Verrill, Cole Gerdes, Stacey Moseley, Jody Jaress, Tracy Winters, Matt Mendoza, Adria Baratta, Chelsey Donn, Jennifer Daley and Teri Gamble.

LILITH (Digital Release Date 7/30)

Directed by Alexander T. Hwang and written by Richard J. Aguirre, Paul McFall and Anthony Werley, this 4-part horror anthology follows the Demon Lilith who punishes men for their indiscretions against women.

Starring Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Thomas Haley, Brialynn Massie, Michael Wainwright, Charles Chudabala, Hunter Johnson, Michael Jon Murphy, Jennifer Nangle, and Colton Wheeler.

10/31 Part 2 (Digital Release Date 8/13)

A follow-up to the popular 10/31 Anthology released across digital platforms last summer by Terror Films comes 5 more horrifying tales of terror.

Segment directors, writers and producers include Brett DeJager, Max Groah, John Hale III, Zane Hershberger, Robert Lanphere, Jennifer Nangle, Tory van Buskirk, Stephen Wolfe, Mike McPherson, Bryan Fitzgerald, Rocky Gray, Zeke Hanson, and Lee Walker.

HOSTAGE (Digital Release Date 8/20)

Directed by Eddie Augustin and written by Laura Ashley Polisena and Eddie Augustin, the film centers around a small-time crook who breaks into a home inhabited by a family of killers who will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t get out alive. But the family has secrets that threaten to tear it apart.

Official trailers and posters on their summer slate are expected to roll out over the next several weeks. In the meantime, the distributor has provided stills from each film and a special promotional sizzle entitled, “Get Your Scream On”.

The films will be available across multiple digital platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Kings of Horror, Roku, Watch Movies Now, Google Play and many more.

To learn more about Terror Films, visit: www.TerrorFilms.net


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