Based on the True Legend of Ohio’s haunted Helltown Comes the New Horror Film, “June 9”

Helltown Ohio is a real scary place. Just watch this movie

Based on the true legend of Ohio’s haunted Helltown comes the new horror film, June 9. In the movie, a group of pranking teens decide to visit Boston Mills, an area of Northeast Ohio that once was home to hundreds of citizens, until the U.S. government forced them out and burned their homes to the ground. Stories of mutated animals, Satanists, strange beings and multiple disappearances have plagued the region since the 1970s.

June 9 shows the group of five teens, known as the Boston Mills 5 in the media following their disappearance, on a search for some harmless fun at the end of the school year. Their journey of caught-on-camera pranks continues to escalate toward even bigger thrills, but as viewers will witness, something else finds them first.

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