“Human Hibachi 2” Starts Filming in South Jersey

Filmmaker Mario Cerrito has started filming the follow-up to his cannibalism film, Human Hibachi. Michael Joy, manager of Horrornews.net, Horror-Asylum, and Horror Screams VideoVault has signed on as producer along with Cerrito to bring you Human Hibachi 2.

Human Hibachi has gotten an international cult following since it’s release last year. Cerrito promises more gore, more blood, and more body parts for the sequel. HH2 cast includes Jeff Alpert, Frank Volpe, Nick Brennan, Kristina Aponte, and Ray Bolden. They’ve started filming at an undisclosed location somewhere in South Jersey. 

Cerrito and Joy are also producers with John DiRenzo on the horror film, The House In The Pines, which is currently in pre-production.

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