David Lynch Inspired ‘The Whisper In The Woods’ Starts Filming in July 2021

Jeff Payne starts filming his latest short “The Whisper In The Woods” this July 2021.  

The story will center around 2 backpackers who go out on a camping trip.  One friend drags the other out to try and help her get over her Father’s death. They mistakenly get off trail and wander into a blind witch and her den of horrors. It will be a massive struggle for the both of them to stay alive….and quiet.

I’m heavily pulling influences from David Lynch’s work, as well as insidious, the grudge, the witch, and dead silence, throwing in that vintage tastiness, and shaking it all around.

This will be another horror driven piece guided by themes of sadness and regret. To me, horror is scarier when you can relate with the characters and the real life experiences that people go through. I’ve got an amazing cast and crew ready to start filming at the end of July.” – Jeff Payne

Jeff Payne is also known for “The Pale Faced Lady” collection of shorts and highly acclaimed “Jason versus Michael” fan film. 

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