“Featuring Vengeful Spirits, Hungry Creatures, And Strange Entities…”

A mortician comes face to face with a nightmare. A man finally goes outside and has an unusual experience. An abandoned train station holds a dangerous secret. A crash diet goes horribly wrong. A man finally fulfills his dream of owning an amusement park and encounters something sinister from its past. Experience these five short tales of vengeful spirits, hungry creatures, and bizarre entities.

“Refreshingly original horror, pleasantly surprised…”

“This little collection of five short stories packs quite a punch. As quite a prolific reader, particularly in short-story horror, I often find the same themes and ideas repeat themselves, re-written time and time again like bad remakes of an old film, so it was quite refreshing to discover five highly original stories; yes they had their fair share of bloody gore, but never gratuitously so. The author did well in transporting me into the world he had conjured in each story, revealing the little snapshot or slice of horror in the protagonist’s life (or ‘end of it’ in some cases lol). Writing-wise, they had just the right mix of narrative and dialogue and were well written in that respect.”

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About A.J. Spencer

A.J. Spencer is a writer and independent filmmaker from Kentucky. Growing up he was fascinated with the horror genre and constantly rented the Nightmare on Elm Street series on VHS. To learn the craft of proper storytelling he got his hands on every Comic book and anything written by R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike before quickly graduating to the works of Clive Barker and Edgar Allen Poe.

He started writing his own short stories after encouragement from his wife, who he currently resides with along with their daughter, and gained positive response.

His story, The Dead Man’s Mask, made it to the final round of a horror story contest ran by the TNT network and gained him a solid readership. Shortly afterwards his stories were being published in local magazines, where his short story, Crash, received honorary mention. He also got the attention of a dark art magazine called Grim in the U.K., which continues to publish his short and flash fiction pieces to this day.

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