Trailer and Stills from the New Movie “Bite Night”

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Female-Driven Cast Rules The Undead In This Unpredictable Yet Entertaining Horror

Available on VOD/Digital August 3

Director: Maria Lee Metheringham

Starring: Dani Thompson (CHRISTMAS SLAY)
                Maria Lee Metheringham (ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES)
                Mj Dixon (THORN)

Synopsis: ‘Haunted Honeymoon’ meets ‘My Best Friend is a Vampire’ meets ‘Clue’. When three beautiful ladies manage to grab the attention of a group of punks with their enchanting voices, they become the lucky guests or rather victims of the house of Valice. However, the tables turn quite suddenly when the ladies realize they are in fact the unfortunate victims of the madness which they themselves created.

Coming from her 2018 feature, PUMPKINS, Maria Lee Metheringham spices things up with BITE NIGHT. Taking one look at her film resume, you can tell horror is her specialty.

Not only directing the film but starring in it as well. This is a usual case for Maria having done the same for her other films such as THE PHOTOGRAPHER 2: INSIDE THE DARK ROOM and A VAULT OF VICTIMS.

available on VOD/Digital August 3

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