Scumdance Film Fest Comes August 27th-29th 2021

Scumdance is back and putting the fun back in scum the weekend of August 27th –  29th 2021.

Scumdance is now a multi-day film festival celebrating the best of underground film. We do our best to curate those films made by the true artist… those who speak with a voice and vision outside the realm of standard faire. We specialize in horror, avant-garde, music based, and experimental films.

2020 Scumdance Winners Included:

Judges Favorite Feature: Midnight Run
Judges Favorite Short: Lost Treasure of the Valley
Audience Favorite Feature: Re-Elected
Audience Favorite Short: Lost Treasure of the Valley

Best Score/Soundtrack – Jonathan Rocha – Midnight Run
Best Acting (non-gender specific) – Jackie Kelly – Tennessee Gothic
Best Animation/stop-motion – Cara Hagan – Monster News Feed
Best Directing – Richard Hernande – z Midnight Run
Best Cinematography – Jack Hildebrand Re-Elected

Who will capture Scumdance victory this year???? 

Scumdance | Film Freeway

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