Director: Kévin Payet

Starring: Geoffrey Petit-Jean-Genat (RABBID JACOB)
                Frederic Perchet (LE DOCUL)
                Eric Pfaff (DEHORS)

Synopsis: Hunter of cursed books and forbidden grimoires, Andrew Bennett comes to town following a series of violent murders the police can’t solve. With his mysterious magical doorway and the help of the local inspector Hobbs, Bennett chases down the hidden mastermind behind the murders. It is soon discovered that dark magic rituals leads to a much more sinister and world-ending plan. Can the doorkeeper solve the mystery before it’s too late?

ANDREW BENNETT is first and foremost a universe created by Youtuber SUPERFLAME and was born in 2017, in the form of an audio story. Faced with the enthusiasm from his subscribers on the birth of this universe, the author previously recognized for his talents as an imitator, decided to extend it by creating an audio series that he called The Calendar of Before the End the times. On the strength of its success, it became a novel and a comic strip. At the same time, making contact with Soundlife Production to give birth to this digital series project!

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