Gregory Hatanaka’s AMITYVILLE COP Releases Trailer & Some Police Brutality

A city with a bloody past has led to the emergence of a demonic force dishing out some serious police brutality. AMITYVILLE COP, a Gregory Hatanaka film, will be unleashed this fall, and has already been turning heads and gaining attention. The trailer has just been released and gives a glimpse into the demonic-filled action/horror hybrid film that packs a punch and brings a fun factor not seen in some time. The film will be released by CINEMA EPOCH and is a CINERIDGE ENTERTAINMENT production.

Written by Geno McGahee (RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH), who is also one of the producers, and starring Jason Toler (KILL PLAN, CRACK HOUSE OF THE DEAD), with Lisa London (CHOKE, SUDDEN IMPACT), Nicole D’Angelo (DARLING NIKKI, QUARANTINE GIRL), Lovie Johnson (PREY OF WRATH), Nino Cimino (AMERICAN MOBSTER: RETRIBUTION), Chris Spinelli (A CHRISTMAS LOVE) and features cult cinema legend Laurene Landon (HUNDRA, ALL THE MARBLES), coming face to face with a demonic officer for the first time since MANIAC COP.


A city haunted by a bloody past has led to the emergence of some serious police brutality. As bodies pile up, two detectives seek to stop a demonic force that is terrorizing the neighborhood.

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