Hart D. Fisher’s ‘Bill The Bull Omnibus’ Coming November 2021 – Pre-Order Now

Bill the Bull: Omnibus includes over 325 pages of pulse-pounding, knuckle-cracking vintage 90s outlaw comics pulp action collection of legendary horror creator Hart D. Fisher’s OOP hard boiled, too tough for color comics.

These classic 1990s outlaw comics with stories written by Hart D. Fisher, Lance Polin, and Bill Yukich are reborn and coming November 2021 from Boneyard Press.

The Omnibus includes art by Duncan Rouleau (The Nightmarist), John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Captain America), George Perez (Wonder Woman, New Teen Titans), Frank Forte (Warlash, Vampire Verses, Asylum Press), John Lucas (Dark Horse, Image), John Hebert (Marvel artist), Rick Veitch (Brat Pack, Maximortal), Kyle Hotz (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse), and more!

Pre-order Bill The Bull: Omnibus Today

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