Filmmakers Encounter “Real Paranormal Events” During Documentary Film Shoot

Illinois based filmmakers Ash and Chanell Hamilton are no strangers to the bizarre. Ash, a former host of the internet based podcast The Parafactor has spent years researching the stranger side of the internet. When, like most of the world, COVID interrupted the Hamiltons’ plans to make their first feature film under their Horror-Fix  brand, Ash turned to his lifelong interest in the paranormal to begin his next project. 

Fascinated by the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of a rural Illinois man in 2013, Hamilton, his wife Chanell and cameraman Brett Pearson set out to film a documentary on the subject. Allowed to film the original abductee and his family over the course of 5 days, the crew soon discovered that the bizarre events that preceded the 2013 disappearance had not only persisted long after the event, but had apparently increase in intensity.

Hamilton, when asked about the film, said, “… and that was the very first few hours that we started experiencing what they had obviously been going through for years. At first it was… well, it was fascinating… later, that would change to something… far more terrifying.”

The footage, originally titled The Sean Miller Story, which was originally set for a 2021 release has now been incorporated into the feature film, Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story. Holes in the Sky will be screening at several film festivals this fall.

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