“Unlisted Owner” Directors Cut Release Announced!

Amazon Top 10 Selling Found Footage Shocker “Unlisted Owner” Now Has A Upcoming Directors Cut Release!

Lawford County Productions announces the forthcoming release of “Unlisted Owner Directors Cut” with 9 minutes of never-before-seen footage added to the film! following a successful (now out of print) DVD run that landed the found footage movie in Amazon’s “top 10 hot new horror releases” in 2017.

The Directors Cut release will be available for purchase or rent via Amazon October 12th with other streaming services and physical media to come.

“Unlisted Owner” involves a group of six friends — played by Gavin Groves, Haidee Corona, Andrea Potts, Jed Brian, Tyler Landers, and Levi Atkins — who make a series of bad choices after hearing about a family of five who were murdered in a house not far from where they will be camping for the night. Returning to investigate proves be the worst mistake of their lives, turning their fun-filled night into one of horror and terror.

“After the amazing run we had with the ‘Unlisted Owner’ DVD landing in the Amazon top 10, I cannot wait for everyone to experience the movie again with this never before seen footage!” said writer/director Jed Brian. “This release will answer some questions fans have been asking for years! But adds a new layer of mystery and fear not seen in the other release!”

The movie was filmed entirely in Southeastern Illinois town of Sumner by Jed Brian’s production company Lawford County Productions. The Directors Cut digital release is being distributed by POV Horror. Having a regional cast mostly from the Sumner area and actress Haidee Corona from Shelbyville, Indiana, the film has a strong Midwestern feel.

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