Shriekfest Announces its 2021 Winners!

Shriekfest, the 21st annual Los Angeles International Film Festival & Screenplay Competition was a huge success! Denise Gossett, festival director, once again hosted Shriekfest Sept 30-October 3rd at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Shriekfest screened 66 films and had 45 screenplay finalists. Denise Gossett, who has been voted Most Influential Woman in Genre by SyFy Wire says, “I’m so very proud of all of these talented people.  It is an honor to know them.”

 “The Unborn” directed by Tal Lazar took the prize for Best Horror Feature Film and”Stalker” directed by Tyler Savage took the Best Thriller Feature Film Award.

“Milk Teeth” directed by Felipe Vargas took the Best Horror Short Film Award, “Face Your Fears” directed by Neil Stevens won the Best Thriller Short Film Award, “Scars” directed by Jonny Zeller took the Best Sci-Fi Short Film Award, and “Night Crawl” directed by Greg Shultz took the Best Super Short Film Award.

The winner of the Best Horror Feature Screenplay went to “The Hitchhiker” written by Dan Ast,  the winner of the Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay goes to “Precipice” written by Avishai Weinberger , and the winner of the Best Thriller Feature Screenplay goes to “In the Scrape” written by Mark Steensland & James Newman. The winner of the Best Pilot Screenplay goes to “What Darkness Brings” written by Ross Denyer and the winner of the Best Short Screenplay goes to “Murphy’s Gulch” written by Jeff Bassetti For a complete list of all of the winners please go to .

For more information on the Shriekfest Film Festival, sponsorship opportunities, schedules, and more, visit Shriekfest is also on Twitter and Facebook.

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