“White Sky” Available on VOD Oct 19th

Prepare To Be Altered!

Available October 19 – VOD in US & Canada

White Sky from M and M Film Productions UK was written by Philip Daay, directed and produced by Adam Wilson, and produced by Malcolm Winter, Makenna Guyler, and Monika Gergelova of M and M. White Sky was filmed on location in Wales during the pandemic, September 2020.

Synopsis: When three campers witness an alien mothership  descending on their town and turning the population into “Altered” human beings, they team up with a reclusive stranger who offers to guide them to safety. As they’re chased  deep into the forest and one of them becomes infected, they realize there’s nowhere to hide from the  Altered  horde that seems intent upon finding and assimilating them.

Starring: Natalie Martins (Get Gone), Ade Dimberline (The Spanish Princess), Makenna Guyler (King of Crime), and Jordan McFarlane.

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