RIVALS: A Graphic Novel Series is Now on Kickstarter

Years in the making. The beginning of an epic Graphic Novel series.

‘I have poured my heart and soul into RIVALS, every character, creature, every city, every mountain.’  Paul Gerrard.

RIVALS: The Hands of the Ghosts. Is a 32 page introductionary one shot.  It includes a 15 page prologue story illustrated by Dave Kendall ( 2000AD ).  Concept art, character designs, world info.  Poster. Variant covers.  Lettering by Simon Bowland. Covers by Bayarmagnai Avirmed, Joaquín González and Gerrard. Concept art by Ferdinand D. Ladera, Pedro Blanco, Richard Perez Torres and Paul Gerrard.


If you like Conan, Mad Max, Hellraiser, Fist of the North Star, Berserker, The Metabarons. You are going to love this.


In development is a graphic novel series that will follow ‘The Hands of the Ghosts’ called ‘The Loyalty of Sago Astar’.  We have hand picked the most exciting artists in the industry to bring these graphic novel series to life such as Greg Staples, Dave Kendall, Joaquín González, Richard Perez Torres, Matthew Soffe, Bayarmagnai Avirmed, Björn Barends, Simon Bowland, Leo Rodrigues, Pedro Blanco, Filip Walgraef, Max Bertolini. The paint and ink is drying right now! Future plans also include a RIVALS BOARD GAME called ‘The Planet of the Seven Swords’, a LIVE ACTION TV SHOW! and a PS5/XBOX game.

Gary Daniels ACTOR/MARTIAL ARTS ACTION STAR will play Sago Astar in the upcoming Graphic Novel series.  Via his likeness and consultation in relation to martial arts and the spiritual side to the character.   We are extremely excited about this!  One of many roles Gary played was Ken Shiro in the live action adaptation of Fist of the North Star.  We are truly humbled by his involvment in RIVALS.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rivalsgn1/rivals-a-graphic-novel-series-war-is-coming-back-0

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