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“A Rock 35 Miles East ” is a flick like no other. Take “The Thing ”, “Miracle at Santa Anna ” and “The Evil Dead ”, throw them in a blender and you get “A Rock 35 Miles East ”. It is about three Black soldiers dealing with the war and the world of the 1940s. One of them sees an asteroid fall from the sky landing 35 miles from their camp. They band together to retrieve the rock with hopes of fortune and glory. They risk being court martialed, fighting Nazis, militias, getting lost, but the reality is that finding the asteroid is the worst fate they could have encountered.


I’m Michael Ramova and I have been making shorts for 25 years. I have won a couple of contests and festivals. My work has been in theaters, on Networks and the most popular shorts have been praised by Spielberg, Stan Winston, George Lucas and other Hollywood folks. The next step for me is to make a feature length movie. “A Rock 35 Miles East ” is a short that will be used to finance a Horror feature length film in 2022, with A-list actors and executives involved in the project. The goal right now is to make a cool, gory, frightening, kick-ass short to excite potential investors.


$3000 covers costumes, props, special effects, gas, food, crew and postproduction. For example, one soldier in full costume with a rifle is about $500, three leads is already half of the budget . Actors are not getting paid and I am doing all the special effects needed to keep the budget low. 


I want to make a cool, scary, gory professional short film with the donations and any extra money will be used to enhance the film: add more scenes and locations, larger cast, better props, bigger special effects… heck, if you guys want we can turn this baby into a feature length movie! It is up to you. Check out the awesome perks! The blu-ray will be packed with tons of goodies, a chance to own props used on the set and I’m excited to produce my first Big Box VHS featuring the short and additional material. It will look and feel like it was printed in the 80s!


I understand that monetary contributions aren’t possible for some but if this project intrigues you or you just want to support artists doing what they love, you can help by simply sharing and spreading the word on this film. Let’s make some noise and generate interest! You can use the Indiegogo share tools, our banners and links to tell folks about “A Rock 35 Miles East ” far and wide across social media.

You can show your support for the film at: https://igg.me/at/ramovaww2/x#/

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