“Believe” – Found Footage Horror Short Premiering Nov. 26th

Ultra-low budget found footage horror short will premiere November 26th, 2021.

From new director Peter Stead comes Believe, a film about a man trying to prove to his ex and to himself that his apartment is not haunted. Making its world premiere at the British Horror Film Festival, Believe is a horrifying but wryly humorous look at what happens when a person’s beliefs are besieged by contrary evidence – a very relevant theme in today’s media landscape of echo chambers, fake news and misinformation. Believe will premiere online November 26th 2021 and run to December the 3rd.

As a DIY micro-budget short, filmed on a budget DSLR and edited on an iPad, it showcases the ingenuity of “resource filmmaking”, and cleverly channels this through the natural, improvised style of “found footage”. It aims to inspire filmmakers everywhere to gather the materials they already have and crystallise their imagination, without waiting for funding.

The debutant actors are the director himself and Hope Bloxham, a striking new talent. It also features terrifying sound effects by experienced film composer, Ruud Hermans.

The festival will also feature the very best in breakthrough talent, both from the U.K. and Internationally.

The short will play online at https://www.filmfestivalguild.com/bhff-2021

A trailer of the film is available for preview now, here: https://youtu.be/MqVQwPaQ3Wc

For further info, including EPK, head to https://petersteadwriter.wordpress.com/believe/

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