Michele Soavi’s STAGEFRIGHT on UK Blu-Ray and Digital on Demand 27 December (Shameless Films)

Shameless Films presents Stagefright on Blu-Ray and digital on demand 27 December


Combining graphic, blood-splattered set pieces with his trademark wit and filmmaking elegance, Michele Soavi’s (Dellamorte Dellamore, The Sect, The Church), Stagefright is unleashed in a new 4K restoration.

When a masked killer infiltrates a group of actors rehearsing overnight in an isolated theatre, the stage is set for carnage! Featuring an abundance of over-the-top kills and spills, shot with Soavi’s typical style, marvel at the mayhem as the iconic chainsaw wielding ‘Owl Man’, delivers a blood-soaked performance for the ages.

From one of the masters of Italian horror, Stagefright is at the pinnacle of 80s slashers. Michele Soavi was schooled by Dario Argento and Terry Gilliam and his beloved first feature can now finally be seen as intended, with this edition further benefiting from the director’s colour grading and framing indications given during a candid interview filmed exclusively for this release.


– New 4K restoration

– ‘Staging the Fright’ – Interview with director Michele Soavi

– ‘The Theatre of Blood’ – Interview with actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice

– ‘The Last Performance’ – Interview with actor David Brandon

– New subtitles

– Hard-of-Hearing Closed Captions

Runtime: 90 mins

Cert: 18

Order: https://www.shameless-films.com/product/stagefright-blu-ray/ 


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