A Terrifying Dinner Party Awaits You DECEMBER 28 in AN EXQUISITE MEAL



On Demand and Digital December 28

A horrifying dinner date awaits you…

A sharply satirical genre-bending journey through one absurdly terrifying dinner party in modern America, AN EXQUISITE MEAL is a darkly playful Buñuelian nightmare that’s full of punchlines and twists.

An affluent couple hosts a dinner party for friends, promising them an amazing meal. As the night goes on, uninvited guests arrive, wine flows, and dinner is strangely delayed.

When the party is interrupted by a shocking diversion, one of the guests goes off on his own and discovers something unexpected about what’s being served for dinner.

As identities unravel, the host tries to maintain control of his carefully orchestrated evening as the party descends into violence, bizarre sexual escapades, and the absurd.

Directed by Robert Bruce Carter and starring Mike Jimerson and Amrita Dhaliwal, AN EXQUISITE MEAL will be available On Demand and Digital December 28 from Gravitas Ventures.

Victoria Nugent, Ross Magyar, Mark Pracht, Emily Marso, Bassam Abdelfattah, Siddhartha Rajan and Luke Johnson also star.

Horror/Thriller. Not Rated

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