‘It’s Me Billy: Black Christmas Revisited’ Book Release Date Confirmed

‘It’s Me Billy: Black Christmas Revisited’, the definitive account of all of the Black Christmas movies will be released by BearManor Media on 28th January 2022 in hardback, paperback and e-book formats.

Written by British authors Paul Downey and David Hastings, this comprehensive account delves into the origins of Black Christmas, dating back to inspirations for the script right up until the latest reboot from Blumhouse in 2019.

Including interviews with cast and crew members from all three films, It’s Me Billy, will reveal stories you have never heard before from the people who were there. Whether it is the filming of the original 1974 classic, interference from the Weinsteins on the set in 2006 or the inspiration behind the 2019 movie; this book has it all covered.


* Foreword by Dan Duffin (owner of It’sMeBilly.com)

* Interviews with the original 1974 cast and crew including Nick Mancuso, Lynn Griffin, Stan Cole (editor), Burt Dunk (camera operator), and many more still to be announced.

* Interviews with cast and crew from the remakes.

* The first comprehensive reading of the original film in an academic theory context.

* Interviews with leading filmmakers and fans from around the world about the impact and legacy of the movie on them and their careers.

* A look at the various spin-offs and merchandise from the film.

* Archival interviews all brought together for the first time in one book.

Co-author Paul Downey commented,

“I’m delighted we can finally reveal the release date for It’s Me Billy: Black Christmas Revisited. This has been a labour of love for the best part of three years of our lives and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.”

Co-author David Hastings commented,

“I’m in awe of the original movie so much, and it holds a special place in my icy, chilled heart. After learning all these new secrets and stories from the film, that has never been revealed in some cases, from speaking with those behind the scenes, it has helped elevate the film more than I could ever have imagined, as well as allowing me to appreciate the impact and special cult longevity it has with fans around the world even more! I can’t wait for readers to unlock the secrets of Billy with us!”

For more details and to keep up to date on all the news, you can follow the books progress on its official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BlackChristmasbook

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