“Amityville Bigfoot” Coming 2022 from SRS Cinema

Amityville Bigfoot starring Eric Roberts, Lauren Francessca, Lorelei Linklater, Tuesday Knight, Trent Hagga and Shawn C Phillips comes out 2022 from SRS Cinema. 

Amityville Chemical Company has a dark secret. One of their latest experiments is about to break free and wreak havoc upon locals in the nearby woods. As the creature rips and shreds his way through each unsuspecting group, increasingly bizarre events mount towards one of the strangest Bigfoot encounters captured. You have to see to believe this truly twisted tale. 

“I know there are a lot of Bigfoot movies out there. Even one of the first films I ever acted in was a Bigfoot film called assault of the Sasquatch. With this film I really wanted to make something so different and totally not what you would expect out of a Bigfoot film. I do think we managed to make something really special with this one. I think it’s gonna be a really fun escape for people for 90 minutes” – Shawn C Phillips 

Producers are Ron Bonk, Mem Ferda, and Shawn C Phillips. 

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