“The Bones of Saint Nicholas” Presented by Campire Radio Theater

Campfire Radio Theater presents a tale of Yuletide terror

If the weather outside is frightful, have a seat by the fire and tune into some horror for the holidays. Campfire Radio Theater presents a terrifying new Yuletide tale written and produced by John Ballentine.

“The Bones of Saint Nicholas” tells the unsettling story of a single mother, emotionally devastated in the aftermath of a bitter divorce, who comes face to face with a sinister mall Santa intent on delivering a twisted Christmas miracle whether she wants it or not.

Starring Melissa Medina, Joe Stofko, Graham Rowat, Dani Aviles, Mary Murphy and Amelia Hicklin, “The Bones of Saint Nicholas” is a full cast audio production with cinematic caliber sound design and an original score composed by Kevin Hartnell. Listen for free now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Campfire Radio Theater, the brainchild of writer/producer John Ballentine, has been cooking up its own unique formula of nightmare fuel since 2011. Each episode of this award-winning horror anthology is an immersive experience and quality earbuds are recommended for maximum stereophonic dread!


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