Red Cape Publishing to Release ‘The A-Z of Horror Book Twelve: L is for Lycans’ on January 14th

Red Cape Publishing are excited to announce the release of the latest entry in the A-Z of Horror Series with Book Twelve: L is for Lycans on January 14th 2022.


L is for Lycans, the twelfth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a selection of thirteen frightening tales from some of the best independent horror authors of today. From bloody tales of revenge to experiments gone wrong, from the historical to the futuristic, L is for Lycans puts a spin on the traditional theme and will have you avoiding nights when the moon shines bright.

Includes stories by Daniel R. Robichaud, C.R.S. Ford, J. Benjamin Sanders Jr., Ken Goldman, Carlton Herzog, Pauline E. Dungate, C.R.S. Ford, R.C. Rumple, Alexander Bayliss, Timothy Friesenhahn, Richard Beauchamp, Doris V. Sutherland, and John Joseph Ryan

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Paperback and digital version, included in Kindle Unlimited, available from Amazon at

The previous books in the series are all available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon, as well as through Red Cape Publishing’s website.

A is for Aliens, B is for Beasts, C is for Cannibals, D is for Demons, E is for Exorcism, F is for Fear, and G is for Genies, H is for Hell, I is for Internet, J is for Jack-o’-Lantern, and K is for Kidnap.

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