“A creepy short read, and a very good story.”

“This was a good story to send a shiver down my spine”

“A roller coaster ride that ended too quickly. I want more! Will check back often to see what else lurks in that mind.”

“I loved-loved-loved this amazingly chilling short story. Talented author Travis Mays just blew my mind with this terrifying account of his/or the author’s experience by the using of the name ‘Bloody Mary’ in a reflective surface. It’s a very short read but it’s a chiller like no other. I love Mays’ style of bringing out his/the author’s experience with the paranormal in this tale of horror. I highly recommend this short story to all horror fiction fans out there. I am now hooked to Travis May’s Nightmare books & I’m sure you will too after you read this short story. Kudos to Mays on a job well done!”

“Writing a great story is always a challenge. But Devil’s Gate is a story that does not disappoint! It is loaded with rich description and it has a surprise twist I wasn’t expecting. If you are looking for a great horror short story, this is a story to get! I’m going to be reading all of the other stories this author has put out and I can’t wait to read new works in the future!”

Those are just some of the reviews from stories in the FREE NIGHTMARES SERIES…

The FREE NIGHTMARE SERIES by Travis Mays is a growing number of short horror/thriller/suspense stories.

Here are some of the amazing stories readers can find…

This is a compilation of the first twelve Free Nightmares. This book includes the stories: A Paralyzing Sting, Psychopath, Sacrifice, Darkness, Ouija, The Doctor, Bugs, The Cemetery, The Final Gem, Bobby (A.K.A. The Psycho’s Son 1), Amnesia, and Awaken. Also included is a bonus story Free Nightmares 13 “Cracked”

The fourteenth short horror story of the Free Nightmares series. Find out the truth of the chains that bind you…

The fifteenth short horror story in the Free Nightmares series. This story turns a new leaf for the Free Nightmares series. Written in the third person perspective with alternating characters. Watch as the devastating effects of a nasty review unleashes an authors ability for supernatural revenge…

The sixteenth short horror story in the Free Nightmares series. Learn of one of my own experiences; A midnight horror that leads to a ghostly interaction. Or is it the other way around. Ultimitely one of those things that cannot be explained; one of those things that leaves you wondering if there is more to the story, that only the ghosts of the dead could tell us…

The seventeenth short horror story in the Free Nightmares series. Troy, the main character in this story, struggles to make sense of his surroundings. Having only been in his new apartment for a week, he has no idea of the tragic fate he is about to face or the possible consequences of Familiar Sounds…

The eighteenth short horror story in the Free Nightmares series. Experience the life of a blood drinking creature from the creatures point of view, only to discover the truth about this creature and how you could be it’s next victim…

The nineteenth short horror story in the Free Nightmares series. Be the victim of a demons powerful spell which leaves you to an eternity of consciousness and suffering. You will never again knock on a strangers door after reading…
The Thief Of The Younger Years

You thought that was it! Not so fast!

Don’t forget about stories 20-28

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