French Cyber-Rock/Metal/Electro Combo OG•EZ•OR Unveiled Brand New Single “Quantum Play”

New album to be released in 2022.

“2 years and a half after a first full-length album ‘Mind Machine : A New Experience’ (2019, Send The Wood Music), followed by two digital singles, Cyber-Rock/metal/electro combo formerly known as Entropy Zero just released a new single under the moniker of OG•EZ•OR.  

This brand new song called “Quantum Relay”, exclusively available right now on Bandcamp offers a first glimpse of the new evolution of the project and served as first single from OGEZOR‘s upcoming concept-album called ‘Distortion Process’ and to be released on Spring 2022.

Stream the single “Quantum Relay” on Bandcamp

...For the record…

  OG•EZ•OR is a French Hybrid/Electro/Metal band created in 2017 by F-2301. Strongly influenced by science fiction, the aim of the project is to stimulate imagination through music and image. Halfway between group and film music, the two brothers (F-2301 on voice, Keytar and machines & K-74 on bass) offer music illustrated by scripted video projections in live shows.

Their influences are numerous and the range of proposed atmospheres goes from cyber/electro to post-rock, through soaring atmospheres or punchy metal sequences. The band performs both on stage and in convention (SF, Japan, Gaming) in Europe.

OG•EZ•OR released its first album “Mind machine: a new experience” in 2019 with the send the wood label (distribution season of mist) and received very good reviews. In 2020 the single “FPS”, dedicated to video games, is released with a specific video clip filmed in a cinema.

In May 2021, their new creation “Quantum Gates” comes out and is presented in the form of a complete USB package with music, video and video games, this one being the first chapter of their Universe background.

 In 2022, the project changed its name and became OG•EZ•OR. They released the album “Distortion Process” as well as the video clip “The green light” accompanied by an e-book going even further in the description of their universe.

For fans of Celldweller, Combichrist, Gary Numan, Rammstein…

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