A graphic novel adaptation of the original silent film released exactly 100 years ago.

Jonathan Harker is called away on business to the castle of Count Orlock…

The German Filmmaker F.W. Murnau released his film NOSFERATU: Symphony of Horror in 1922. For the story, he infamously adapted Bram Stoker’s Dracula without permission. He was sued by the Stoker estate and forced to destroy all copies of the film.

But one survived…

100 years later comes the graphic novel adaptation from Narwhal.

Nosferatu is different than Dracula. It is simpler, and stranger. The most striking change is turning the vampire into a monster, a bat-like humanoid creature, rather than a man with fangs.

Nosferatu translates to ‘Bird of the Night’

As a graphic novel, it reads smooth and fast, with unique and compelling story structure, and unearths a haunting mood and emotion by the time the tale is finished. Readers may find it more accessible than the silent film, and the story will be introduced to a new generation audience.

This is the third full graphic novel from Narwhal, and completes his debut trilogy along side Earthbound and Foreign Agent. 

While it is a strict adaptation, there is still lots of Narwhal in this work, and his creativity and focus on storytelling is prevalent.

More About the Book

-The book will also feature a gallery of illustrations by artists such as Kelsey Shannon, Shanth Enjeti, Alejandro Mirabel, Jared Jewell, and FresherLuke.

-The book features a 3 page short crossover comic with Clint Stoker’s Dracula. Clint’s Dracula book will come out later this year and feature another 3 page short crossover comic.

Clint, descendant of Bram Stoker, has also written a forward for the book.

-In all, readers can expect an 80 page book in two covers, one hardcover, and one softcover.

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