CREATURES – Available on Streaming!

Now available on all major streaming and cable platforms in NORTH AMERICA (US/Canada) and UK/IRELAND


A class of astronomy students and their fearless teacher, Dr. Serling, get more than they bargained for on their latest field trip when they witness an alien spaceship crash-landing in the English countryside!

Investigating the wreckage, the students and Dr. Serling find a furry little alien called Mumpy. Their excitement at this close encounter soon turns to horror when they learn that Mumpy is being targeted for extermination by a group of bloodthirsty CREATURES from outer-space!! 

Our sci-fi horror comedy “CREATURES”, directed by Tony Jopia (Cute Little Buggers, Crying Wolf), is now available on all major streaming and cable platforms in North America (US/Cananda) and UK / IRELAND.

Cast: Jo Hart, Cristo Fernández, Chris Kyriacou, Steve Aaron-Sipple, Rina Saito, Joe Gallina, Jack Frank, Andrew Greaves, Zulekha Chaka, Derek Frood, Hephzibah Roe, Sarah Frances, Romain Barbey.

Directed: Tony Jopia.

Script: Andrew Fawn, Stu Jopia, Tony Jopia.

Cinematography: Gary Rogers.

Music: Olivia Crawford, James Jarvis.

Edition: Andrij Evans.

Producers: Romain Barbey, Alex Jopia, Stu Jopia, Tony Jopia.

Associate Producers: Nicolás Onetti, Michael Kraetzer.

Website URL: “Creatures”

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