Help Fund Jared Masters’ Terrifying Last Film ‘The Nightgown’

1976 Canyon Country, California. A myriad of girls descend the brush-filled hills as darkness comes and the cabin is revealed. Three girls from finishing school aren’t oblivious to the evil forces lurking there. They seek thrills and answers from the poor, innocent dead.

Hot off the heels of Roller Junkies! (2022),  award-winning filmmaker Jared Masters’ 17th feature will be a cinematic movement like non other, a pulsating neon night terror simmering with ghouls, girls and a mischievous groundsman (James F. Gregory). This nightmare is… The Nightgown, conceived in the mind of the man that brought the horror cult sensation, Slink (2013) and the poetic slasher masterwork, Ballet of Blood (2015).

The Nightgown is a mixture of fantasy and vintage horror. Surrealism at its core, the writing exudes strange and fresh creativity like a semi-sordid fever dream. A work of serious art is unspooling across your curious mind.

This film stars Elizabeth Rath, of Quartz Vein fame, comedy-magic legend, Randy Masters as the priest, among many others. Like the plot, the cast is being kept top secret, for now. It’s rumored to have famous scream queens from a bygone era, brought back for this magnificent moment. Elevated horror? You won’t live to believe your eyes. Mighty! Mighty in its see-through cinematic endeavors. The Nightgown will not just be a tasty slice of neo-grindhouse heaven, it will be available wide and far, for all. Available everywhere October 2023.

Check out the campaign with once-in-a-lifetime perks!

Some things you can receive for your contribution:

Original props and wardrobe from the film! Signed scripts, T-shirts, DVDs, VHS tapes, Posters, everything signed, and the highest contributors even get tickets to the red- carpet Hollywood premiere and date to Musso & Frank’s on the Walk of Fame with director Jared Masters and the beautiful and talented cast of this exciting upcoming film. You’ll also receive Special Thanks Credit on IMDb for a mere $10 contribution, a great way to get your IMDb credits beefed up. And if you have deep pockets you can even get a backend on this picture, sit back, relax, be the producer, with your name in lights. Rest assured this film already has worldwide distribution for the Fall of 2023. We can take pride in knowing it wont be a waste of everyone’s time and we can all be proud and celebrate our achievements at the premiere.

Thank you for your support. It’s difficult making movies, and we can’t do it without you. Jared Masters is retiring after ‘The Nightgown’ and hopes to go out with a bang. Your contribution and sharing this will be greatly appreciated and really help make it happen!

Teaser trailer:

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