Exclusive Edition Available on Kickstarter:

Fright-Rags is out to steal your heart with a retro-style board game based on the 1981 slasher favorite, My Bloody Valentine. The exclusive first edition is available to pre-order via Kickstarter.

My Bloody Valentine: The Game challenges players to stop killer miner Harry Warden from reaching the Valentine’s Day dance. 1-4 players move around the board and collect weapons, draw cards, work around roadblocks, use the secret mine tunnel, and try not to get their hearts broken. Players who land on Harry’s space will confront the pickaxe-wielding slasher, leaving them dead or winning the game by killing him.

My Bloody Valentine director George Mihalka appears in the campaign video to preview the game. A Kickstarter-exclusive drinking game version is built into the board, two optional expansion packs bring even more fun to the game, and five stretch goals can be unlocked to improve the quality of the packaging.

My Bloody Valentine: The Game is the second installment in the Stop the Killer game series, produced by Anthony Masi in conjunction with Fright-Rags, following the wildly successful launch of Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game.

My Bloody Valentine: The Game’s Kickstarter runs until May 7. Secure your copy now or be heartbroken!

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