Horror Works Productions A New Production Company In New Jersey Has High Potential

Horror Works Productions LLC is a New Jersey based production company founded April 2022 by Mario Cerrito III, John DiRenzo, and Michael Joy. They are bringing their individual talents together in filmmaking, acting, and marketing to create a next level horror brand.

Mario Cerrito III is known for his directorial work on The Listing and Human Hibachi. John DiRenzo is a professional actor with strong ties with Playhouse West. Michael Joy is owner of the film publicity company, Marketing Macabre.

They are currently in-development on their first feature, “The House In The Pines” in association with Showtown American Pictures. Mick Strawn (Nightmare of Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Boogie Nights) is attached to direct and Nick Benson (The Blob, Tremors) is attached for special effects.

The House In The Pines – A classic horror movie with that ’80s slasher style and a dash of paranormal. A group of high school friends visit the NJ Pine Barrens for a summer getaway.

“Horror Works Productions strives to bring you original horror that not only will stand the test of time but put you back in time” – Mario Cerrito III

“Our combined history in filmmaking, acting, producing, marketing, and distribution is unmatched and this company is prime to shake up the film industry. We are doing things that no one else is doing and I can’t wait to show the world.” – Michael Joy

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