“This is a super cute and very relatable story about motherhood and the relationship between a mom and her kids!! Loved it!!”

“Super fun read for the kids! They loved Sean and Lex and know now how to fight me when I turn into a Mombie!”

“This is a super cute and very relatable story about motherhood and the relationship between a mom and her kids!! Loved it!!”

“Fun book that pretty much every kid and mom/dad can relate to. Our kids love to read it back to back, laughing that’s so you mom lol”

“We grabbed this from the mailbox 15 minutes ago and my 4 and 6 year old have already made me read it 3x in a row. That is definitely a 5 star toddler endorsement!”

Kids and parents are loving…

Join siblings- Sean and Lex – as they discover that the world around them has changed. Every mom out there has become a MOMBIE !

Do you have what it takes to help Sean and Lex turn the moms back before it’s too late?

Inspiration for the Book

Merz was inspired by her own life as a mother and how her kids—Sean and Alexa—have never let her become a “mombie.”

“My monsters are the inspiration for this book, and they are the ones who came up with idea – I just ran with it. They do help with making sure I don’t turn into a ‘mombie’ on a regular basis, that’s for sure,” commented Merz, talking about what inspired her to write the book and how she hopes kids around the world find it relatable.

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And after the kids go to sleep how about you enjoy some more horror with…

Dark: A Collection of thirteen unsettling tales that take the reader along a journey from which they might not venture back. Prepare to mentally hold onto these stories for a while; although short, they have lingering, almost festering, qualities. Ranging from the bowels of humanity to the supernatural, these shorts won’t disappoint.

“Michelle Merz’s collection of short stories takes a unique approach towards suspense. Unlike the cookie-cutter style of many literary pursuits, this author provides only short glimpses into the dark psyche of humanity. These stories are not for the faint of heart but rather leave the reader with a dark sense of curiosity. Like in real life mysteries, questions won’t be answer but rather posed. True fans of horror stories, urban legends, and the unknown will appreciate her contribution to the genre.”

“This book is not for the faint of heart! It is a collection of superbly written stories that will thrill any reader of horror and macabre fiction! Michelle Merz goes where many writers will not- at least not completely. Her stories are both terrifying and suspenseful, utilizing the sensory and psychological experience of her characters to bring readers to an ending that is often unexpected and unsettling. I loved this book and would truly recommend it to anyone who has a love of the darker side of life and experience.”

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