Black Cat Chronicles: Invasion Antarctica, the Third Issue in the True Horror Series, is Live on Kickstarter

Black Cat Chronicles: Invasion Antarctica, the third issue in the True Horror series, is live on Kickstarter right now! Black Cat Chronicles is the first title from Black Cat Publishing, who are now producing comics after 19 years as Black Cat Comics, a brick-and-mortar and online comic book retailer in Northern California.

Written by Horror author Francesca Maria and featuring incredible art by Nate Olson, Black Cat Chronicles are true tales of terror, narrated by a Black Cat. Issues #1 and #2 launched from Kickstarter, and issue #3 is eagerly anticipated by fans, according to the comments by backers of the current project.

Black Cat Publishing is connecting with fans of True Crime shows, Cryptids, and the Paranormal. It’s a comic unlike everything else out there, a mix of Tales from the Crypt and Classics Illustrated. You’ll learn something, but you might wish you hadn’t.

Please check us out. The first two issues are available on the website, and you can help us produce issue #3 by supporting our latest Kickstarter Project.

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