Mason McGinness has always been good at finding ways to cheat people into making a sale. When his life falls apart on one terrible day, Mason finds a small realty company that needs someone to sell a piece of property considered “unsellable”. The catch? It is the infamous Scarlett Clay house — a haunted house where anyone who inhabits it ends up dead. Now, with his wits and the help of a quirky psychic, Mason must find his humanity to get his life back… or die trying.


Andrew Roth, Corinne Britti, Steve Montague, Rachael Lubarsky, Erik Alexis, Maria Christina Perry, Michael Shershenovich, Chardelle Moore, Tony Brown, Ellie Torrez, Frank M. Stallone, and Daisy Morrison

Written and directed by:

Christopher Schrack

“For Sale is a love letter to supernatural horror films, and the excitement of being scared. The film delights not just in its set-pieces, but in its characters — we tried to focus specifically on how comedy comes from character, and how a character’s flaws inform the direction of the story. Ultimately, we wanted to create something that doesn’t rely on dark material or ways to shock the audience, but a film that is simply fun.”

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