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The Spector

When a major snowstorm hits early in West Virginia stranding Ryder Ashford and a few others in a superstore, they come to the quick realization that this isn’t like any snowstorm they’ve seen before. People are coming out of the snow differently and doing weird things. Can Ryder get everyone back to their family safe and sound? Or is it too late?

Please enjoy the first few episodes of Flurries

Flurries Episode 1

Beginning the Horror Story – A True Scary Horror Story

Flurries Episode 2

Scary Horror Story – Snowstorm Horror Story 2022

Flurries Episode 3

A Scary Horror Story 2022 – A True Horror Story

Flurries Episode 4

Scary Horror Story – Snowstorm Horror Story

Flurries Episode 5

Terrifying Horror Story 2022 – Snowstorm Horror Story

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AWESOME, love listening to these stories keep them coming!”

“Awesome story!”

“Such a great story”

“Pretty awesome story line!”

“Another excellent story Twisted Tranquility 👏 loving this”

This channel is hosted by The Specter who broadcasts from the outer realms, deep within in his lair in Twisted Tranquility. Using state-of-the-art technology, he brings original horror stories to life, with different voiceovers and narrations. Most of it is done by Ai, but here, and there he does some voice acting too. He even sometimes has to create sound effects for his stories. All stories on this page are written by The Spector himself. The goal is to bring in more viewers and fanbase to keep the listener entertained. Please feel free to subscribe, comment, and like! If you like what you hear. A lot of time and effort goes into his stories.

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