PUFF Announces Full 2022 Schedule


Acclaimed ‘DIY Festival’ is Set to Screen Highly Anticipated Features and Shorts, in Addition to Celebrating 25 Years of “Perfect Blue” The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (PUFF) will return to local South Philadelphia playhouse Theatre Exile (1340 S 13th St) for its seventh year, bringing with it an exciting program that will open with a rare 25th anniversary screening of Satoshi Kon’s “Perfect Blue” (1997) at 8pm on Wednesday, September 21st. Films will screen through Saturday, September 24th, and will include several centerpiece feature films in addition to PUFF’s signature Bizarre, International, Local, and Horror short blocks. Special filmmaker guests and Q&As are expected to take place following select screenings. All-access badges – priced at $70 – are on sale now at FilmFreeway; fans can buy individual tickets to Wednesday’s special event for $10.

Highlight features at PUFF7 include “The Alien Report” (Thu. 9/22), a kaleidoscopic sci-fi project shot on micro cameras sure to engage the ufology buff, the coming-of-age dramedy “Chicken House” (Fri. 9/23), quirky indie music documentary “Party Dream” (Thu. 9/22), brutal and unflinching rampage thriller “Cockazoid” (Sat. 9/24), matriarchal horror tale “Two Witches” (Sat. 9/24) and the hotly anticipated gross-out horror release “All Jacked Up and Full of Worms” (Sat. 9/24).

“Theatre Exile has graciously welcomed us back to their fantastic space, and the PUFF team couldn’t be more excited about our seventh year,” said festival director William Keiper. “We received such a wide range of quality feature submissions this year, and the program we’ve built for 2022 is going to be hugely engaging for our audiences. The response we’ve had so far to our opening night event has been great – we’re really looking forward to featuring Perfect Blue’ on the big screen in its uncut form.”

For seven years, PUFF has been a leading independent film festival in the city of Philadelphia, and was founded (and is operated) by disabled artists as an alternative festival to bring new and undiscovered films to cinema fans in the region. PUFF works to connect upstart filmmakers with distribution outlets by working with local independent film distributors, and to offer a place for filmmakers to gain exposure and network with as many industry professionals as possible.

Full schedule and tickets are available FilmFreway. Trailers are available at the official PUFF YouTube page.

#PUFF7 Feature Films:

Perfect Blue – Illusions can’t come to life, or can they? When pop idol, Mima Kirigoe, retires from music to pursue an acting career she becomes a victim of stalking and gruesome murders begin to occur. Called “dark, disturbing and insanely beautiful,” by Vice.

Zombie Love Slave – A depraved shot-on-video comedy full of over-the-top gore hosted by the delicious Debbie D. Take a trip back to a time before Blockbuster when horror movies were unapologetic and fun.

Killer Cup – You thought styrofoam was bad for the environment, now it’s bad for your health. A gory stop animation short about murderous cups who are out for revenge against the humans who treated them like trash.

Party Dream – Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, an electronic rock duo, gained a reputation as music’s craziest live act while navigating the slippery slope of cult stardom, elusive success and family breakdown. If the movie Step Brothers, walked hard.

The Chamber of Terror – Nash Caruthers is on a deadly collision course with the people that tore his world apart…along with something unexpected. Something far more sinister. “The best low budget gorefest I have seen in years,” Scaremag.com.

THE ALIEN REPORT – After starting to believe he’s been abducted by aliens, a troubled teen concocts a way to use hidden micro-cameras to capture on video his encounters with telepathic beings, human hybrids, and men in black. Based on real UFO stories, The Alien Report brings us for a ride on the best spacecraft since FIRE IN THE SKY.

Chicken House – When a vacancy opens in their Oklahoma City actor house, the three remaining roommates open their door to a mysterious woman from LA named Cat. A subversive comedy about acting, ghosts, religion, and how the bonds we form with others shape our weird little lives.

THE OUTWATERS – When four young musicians and filmmakers take a road trip into the Mojave Desert to shoot a video, something horrifying and otherworldly begins to happen to them. This is an experiment in found footage horror that is soul-shakingly scary and sonically mesmerizing.

COCKAZOID – Andrew, a delusional loner who dreams of killing all white men, returns to his hometown in the wake of family tragedy and goes on a murderous rampage. A tense character study of the most unpleasant person you’ve ever met – you’ll be squirming in your seat and laughing from fear at the same time.

TWO WITCHES – When a matriarchal witch passes on her sinister inheritance to her granddaughter, a horrifying curse begins to manifest. Told in two intertwined tales of witchcraft and strange phenomena, Two Witches is a perfect blend of gory terror, gnarly effects and witchy insanity.

All Jacked Up and Full of Worms – Two strangers bond over addictive hallucinogenic worms leading them on a psychotic bender full of murder and perversity through the back alleys of Chicago. With gross-out horror abound, All Jacked Up And Full Of Worms is unlike any drug movie you’ve ever seen.

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